Started the Beatrix Potter Mural and Finishing Elements On The Hippo Painting

I started on the Beatrix Potter mural today, here's how its going.
Because they wanted it more horizontal than vertical I'm going to have to fill in some areas with more veggies/herbs etc.  I actually had to go online to find out what this bunny home was made of before I could start...the image I had to work from didn't really tell me........they live in a rabbit hole in case (like me) you've never read Benjamin Bunny.  By the way, you can read it here free along with over 5000 other books.

I got a response yesterday from the client with the hippo painting and she wanted the edge of the pool painted a terracotta color.  I'm not crazy about it myself, but I checked with her and she likes it, and so it is.  I've decided to put a rock in the dark space on the soon as I get to it :-)  Wonder if I could put a peek of ocean in this, maybe by her arm, just a little bit........think I will.

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