Narberth Summer Music and Arts Festival

I saw an ad in yesterdays Craigslist looking for artists/photographers to display artwork in a veterinary office, no commission taken.  Wish I had seen it yesterday, I'm sure they were swamped with respondents.  Regardless I sent them some info and photos of my little pet portraits and will wait to see if this is an opportunity for commissions.  I sent them photos of my Craigslist ad
 and the two available paintings I have for display
Not sure I'm going to accomplish much today, I am totally wiped out from the last couple of days of cleaning.  I was managing three days a week fine, I think adding the fourth may have been overly optimistic.  Actually the new client that I added to my schedule had not had anyone clean for her in about six weeks, so things had gotten a little out of hand.  Once I catch them up I'll see if the job isn't more manageable.  I really do need the income.

Narberth (the small town I live in) is having a Music and Arts Festival did I miss hearing about this?!  I will certainly get myself out for that.  It will be something to think about/prepare for their next one.

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