A Change Is In The Air

The meeting at the hospital for the mural work went well, although they are looking at several options (and artists) so I'm not sure this is one I'll get.  Odd thing is I'm not sure I care, when I think about going to do this mural work I'm not excited, it feels more like dread.  I'm beginning to realize I'm not enjoying painting much anymore and I'm thinking about putting away the brushes and looking at other ways to earn additional income.
An option I'm looking at is becoming a professional organizer, organizing small spaces is something that I've always had an interest in and I think I do well.  Its already part of what I do when I go into homes to a closet door to put towels/linen away and find a jumbled mess I'm not going to  just add to it, I fix it.  And its a lot of what I did on my job in NY.
Its not like this is going to be some big major change, I mean how much art work have I had lately anyway........not so much.  But I think it is important for me to stop using the title of 'artist' when it comes to introducing myself so that I can move on and find work that will satisfy me and perhaps become successful in.......wouldn't that be nice.
I'm going to spend this weekend getting this chest done and delivered and then will shift my energy in a new direction.
I'll be closing this blog down (or at least not adding to it anymore) by the end of the month, perhaps begin a new one with a new focus, we'll see.

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