Dog Portrait Finally Finished!

Finally finished the dog portrait and will get that sent out tomorrow.  Now to that chest!  I'm not happy with the way its going so I need to make some changes.  First way too much pink so that'll change...then I need more depth to the water and a little more variation in color on the lily pads.......sigh.
I just wrote a letter to a friend telling her that I've decided not to actively pursue art projects anymore, I'm just going to paint what I want, no more ads on Craigslist or perusing the internet for opportunities.  I finally see that since I haven't been able to change the way I do or manage things that I'm just going to continue to get the same frustrating results, so lesson learned......finally lol.  I keep remembering when my son was pursuing a music career with his band how I secretly wished he'd move on to something more realistic and he eventually did......guess its just taken me a little longer to see the light.  Not everyone is meant to be what they'd dream they would be.  One definition of dream in the dictionary...... 'an unrealistic or self-deluding fantasy'. 

I'll post some progress pictures of this chest in a day or two.'s just quick (unfinished) changes I made to see if felt any better to me without all the pink.......I'm still not sure if this is the way to go with this piece and I'm basing that on having been in their home and seeing their taste in design.  I'm checking with them.

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