First my thoughts are with those you've suffered loss along the east coast.  Being a Jersey girl I have many fond memories of the Jersey Shore and wish everyone a quick recovery.  Having gone through a couple of hurricanes while living in So Florida I know how difficult it is to suddenly be without electricity, water and all the comforts we sometimes take for granted......stay strong.

Some new ACEO paintings.......
And I made my first international sale on ebay a couple of days ago to Australia!
I also got a notice yesterday that I had a sale via and made $45.  This was a very nice surprise because I honestly didn't expect to sell from this website.  A 21"x 24" print of the following is going to Arizona.

And two steps forward one step cars thermostat gave out yesterday no surprise, if its original to the car it would be 21 years old!
So with missing some work because of Sandy (I didn't lose power but clients did) and having to get the car guessed will be late.  Bright side?.........I'm grateful the car died near my job scheduled for this morning AND that there was a garage a short walk away from that job where the car is getting fixed and that I had the funds (well sort of) to get the car fixed.  The home owner where I'll be working this morning was also generous giving me a lift from the garage to my home yesterday and picking me up this morning......nice :-)

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