Still fighting whatever this is that I've got...flu?...virus? 

I'm not getting much sleep with this constant nagging cough and work is proving to be a challenge......but this too shall pass.
The apartments I looked at aren't an option.  The first one just wasn't nice, tiny bathroom that was obviously built in a closet, literally and it had an electric stove which I hate cooking on.  I was taken next door to another efficiency apartment in a converted house and this one was charming, bay windows, non working fireplace, hardwood floors, gas stove, very cute except another teeny bathroom built in a closet.  And this place forgot to mention a $300 additional fee if you want to use air conditioners....that would mean paying $825 (not $765) a month for half the year, not much savings there.
The second apartment just didn't speak to me either.  It was in the back of the building and your views out your windows were just the building right next to you.  And before I even looked at the apartment they were asking if I brought 3 past pay stubs......sorry, you don't get pay stubs when you're scrubbing toilets for a living and I'd sort of like to see the place first ya think.  I was told a tax return would work but since I only made a whopping $19,000 last year that wasn't going to work.  They require that your one weeks net pay is equal to the rent amount.......lets me out of living in one of their properties, cross them off the list.

Hoping to get some painting done today.

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