I got a couple more paintings done and listed......
the pears and the colander ones have sold.
I'm still distracted by the want/need to get out of this apartment and into something more affordable.  There's no one scheduled to see mine until the 15th which means I'm having to pay this months rent.  I'm scheduled to look at another apartment on Friday.  Although I love the Victorian one I posted below, this apartment is only $550 a month.  It too will be compact but for a different reason....its on the third floor and has those low ceilings that drop into the room at angles....not sure what you call that but its part of the pointed roof line....does that make sense?  Anyway it makes the room feel smaller when you can't utilize all the's what I mean...this is one of the pictures posted in the ad
It doesn't have the charm of the other place but I'm all about not stressing over money anymore.  As it is I can't do anything for Christmas this year no tree, no gifts even for the grandkids :-(
OK...back to painting, I gots to earn some money!

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