I'm trying to stay focused on getting some more ACEO paintings up on ebay this weekend.  I managed to get one new one up on Friday

and I did three others yesterday but I'm not totally happy with them yet so I'll see what I can accomplish today.
I'm distracted by this want to move to a less expensive apartment.  I looked at a place last week that had two apartments available and incredibly they were in a old Victorian house that I had lived in about thirty years ago...damn I am getting old!  I adored both apartments and they are both priced lower than where I am now.  One is a studio and the other a one bedroom......oddly enough I'm drawn more toward the smaller one. This charming little two room is only $665, it would mean a savings of $230 a month....that would be huge.
The trick is going to be getting my current apartment rented before either of these get rented.  In order to get my deposits back on this place (I'm breaking the lease) I need to stay until its rented.  There was someone scheduled to look at my place on Friday but he turned out to be a no show.  I was hoping we could get someone in here and me out of here right away so I wouldn't have to pay the rent here, here it is the 1st and I don't have it.....not all of it anyway.  Can't wait to get off this merry-go-round!
All you artists out there who have spouses/partners in your life that affords you the freedom to focus on your art, you give them a great big hug and kiss and never take them for granted!!

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