The first really gorgeous day this spring and I'm behind the computer.  I found a new website where you can edit photos and create collages.... piZap.  I've been busy making a new collage to use in my ebay listings, I think it makes the ads look more professional......
I was so glad to find this, I've really missed picnik since they sold out to google, it was so easy to use, as is this new site I've discovered.....yeh!!
I made a quick one to use on Craigslist too.  I'm testing the waters to see if the mural business has rebounded......
Its been a long time since I've done any mural work, it would be fun to do one now and then.

No painting this weekend, taking a break from it.  I posted a few giclee prints for sale ($7) to see how they might do....this is my second try at prints, they seem to be a hard sell, not sure why....I framed a couple of my prints and hung them this weekend....they're cute :-) you can frame them large or you can frame them small.
I ran into a snag while ordering new prints at yesterday.  I don't find their ordering process all that simple I had to make a couple of corrections during the process and all I can figure is that each time I did that and then continued on to submit the order I was billed.  I looked at my bank statement later in the day and saw that there were three $40 debits from them instead of one.  Unfortunately I can't speak with them until tomorrow but I'm sure it'll get worked out.  It is worrisome though when you live as close to the penny as I do.

Looking forward to the coming week....upper 70's and 80 on Wednesday....whew whoo!!!

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