I started on a new painting today.  I keep having to make adjustments because I didn't plan it out first, I just started with the heron and a blue water background.  I ended up not liking the light blue background but didn't 'dirty' it up until everything else was added......what a pain.  I keep trying to add more things to the scene to cover as much background as I can, I'm just not happy with it yet.
I just have a two hour cleaning job first thing in the morning so I ought to be able to finish this one up tomorrow.  It measures 16"x 20".
I also want to do an egret and a pelican.

Now that I have my computer hooked up to my tv I've re-discovered instant purchase/viewing on Amazon.  I like the idea of not adding to my physical collection of dvd's and having the option to just purchase videos and have them stored on Amazon to watch whenever I want.  Yesterday I purchased The Six Wives of Henry The VIII originally aired on PBS in is so good!

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