I ended up ordering a little booklet from three different being Apple as mentioned below in a previous post.  I haven't received that one yet but the other two have arrived.
The one top left is from and measures 3 3/4"x 2 3/4".  The lower right is from and it measures about an 1/8" larger in both width and height.
Mypublisher's booklet ($2.99) with tax and shipping totaled $4.30 and its design options were pretty limited for this particular size.  The snapfish booklet at a whopping $5.99 plus tax and shipping came to $8.46, way too much especially when I think the prints looked better from the mypublisher people.
You can see the color is more rich. 
These are not going to turn out to be a sellable item, you can see what happens if you open the page too far, it pulls the print right off the page in the snapfish booklet....not so with the mypublisher one though, the print being away from the hinge of the booklet. far mypublisher is the winner in my book (pun intended;-) despite limited design options.
I'm expecting good things from Apple.....hope I'm right, theirs should arrive Monday or Tuesday.

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