I woke up to three paintings sold on ebay this morning, a raccoon, a hummingbird, and a still life with copper pot, blue mason jar and tomatoes.  I had to post the last two a few times so I'm really glad they finally sold.
So today I did a few more birds and listed them.
Here's hoping the streak continues :-)
I've got a busy week coming up, tomorrow I have two cleaning jobs and the second one is downtown I'm dreading finding a parking space, its going to be a long day.
I also have to get my car and my license updated to here (PA), believe it or not the car is still registered and tagged for Florida so I'll try to get that all done this week.  The registration expires at the end of the month and since I already had switched my insurance to an agent up here I can no longer renew it online for record of insurance there now, I didn't think of that when I was changing it......oh well, its time it was done anyway. Oh, and I have to get my 21yr old car inspected and I'm really crossing my fingers on that when it comes to the emission tests......Florida is a no inspection state so I don't know what to expect.  I hope she passes cause I'm not going to have money to have any work done on her after paying for the license, registration, emissions test and inspection.....ouch.....the main reason I haven't done this!
Wish I had more time to paint this week.

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