Trying something new, I'm putting some of my ACEO paintings in a small 3.5"x 2.5/8" soft cover book that I can create using iphoto.  I like that the size is just a hair off the original paintings and the price is right.  Pricing starts at $3.99 at that size and they are sold in a 3 pack and if you want to go beyond the photo limit they base their price on you can add more at 29¢ a page.  I put this one together rather quickly but then there weren't a lot of design options at this size to make it tedious. This is the simple book cover I created and this is about the size it'll be......
the inside is simply photos of the work, no text (although you can).  There are 34 pages and with shipping it was a little over $30 for the three books.  I'm quite anxious to see the quality, I'd like to offer them for sale on ebay in the ACEO paintings category.  I consider this book one of two that I'll do featuring still lifes and I'd like to do a separate one on the birds I've done.  I think this book option may be more appealing to buyers than buying single prints.

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