I hope this is my last issue with the car for a while.....Tuesday I went to leave for a job and the battery was dead....damn.  There's a switch on the dash near the steering wheel that controls the interior lights (which are on the floor and barely visible) and if you accidentally hit it the wrong way you've unknowingly turned the lights on.....which I did and have done before.  Fortunately about an hour later the property's landscapers came by and I was able to get a jump from them :-)

Remember these?
Stools I made when I had my shop a couple of years ago
I miss that shop.  Anyway I got a surprise last night, someone ordered one, I got a notice of a deposit to my paypal account.  Of course I refunded the money (I don't make them anymore, no room) and I'm hoping the woman will email me back and let me know where she found them for sale because I can't remember all the places I may have listed them.   They're right when they say 'once on the web, always on the web' my goodness.

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