I seem to be going through one of my dry spells again, I haven't painted anything in a couple of weeks and there's no word on any further paintings for the restaurants in Florida.....not sure whats going on there.

I found another art toy today :-) a camera lucida.
Listed on this site which sells them at $218......what I paid?.......$3.99 at Salvation Army, ya gotta love that!  Honestly I had never heard of these before, maybe I'll draw more often now.
There's a new smaller even more portable version called the neolucida that will be available soon created by these guys and funded on Kickstarter.

More troubles with the car.....sigh.  I was driving down the road a couple days ago and she stalled on me, thankfully no one was behind me and I was able to drift to a stop and restart, quite scarey when you have power steering.  I'll drive slowly and carefully (and avoid highways) until I can get her checked out......this is rent week so it has to wait.  So sooooooo tired of being money poor!
Which brings me to my newest distraction, trying to figure out where and how to live as cheaply as possible.  I've been looking online doing searches for cheapest places to live and I think one of last years picks in one report was Ashland, Ohio outside of Cleveland.  You can rent an entire house for way less than I pay for this tiny two room apartment I live in.  I realize the economy is suffering in small towns like Ashland (hence the low rents) but for an artist who sells online its not really an issue.  My thinking is that I'll be collecting social security beginning in September and it would be great if it could cover my major expenses. won't be much since I never made much money on my own but it would actually pay the rent plus some bills if I were to go to a place like Ashland and I just want to be able to live without stressing (and whining) about money all the time.  So I'm looking for that perfect town and I'm open to suggestions.

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