Just as I was beginning to feel less stressed......

I left Florida over two years ago and I've just gotten my PA drivers license and finally got the car tagged and inspected.  Yeh! 22 yr old car passed both the inspection and the emissions test, this was last Wednesday.  And now?.......I'm hearing noises under the car when its in motion, its like a chirping sound in time with the rotation of the tire......just great!
Now with all my money spent on the above (plus the eye Dr and glasses I needed in order to get my license!) I have to wait to have it looked at and hope its nothing that will leave me stranded on the roadside in the mean time.  I wonder what its like to have money.

My two 5"x 7" paintings did not sell on their first listing so I'm trying again.  Do you think $29 is too much?  I'll drop the starting price to $15 and see if that makes a difference.

One of the relisted ACEO's finally sold
Prints of the ACEO's are proving to be a hard sell.  I think I may just start tucking in a freebie to the buyers of the paintings.
Maybe I'm just delusional.  You know how you don't really know what you look like until you catch a glimpse of yourself when walking past a department store window?  Maybe its the same with my painting, I see it as beautiful while others see the lack of skill and training.  No, that can't be right, didn't the Art Museum just have an exhibit of work by self taught artists?  I need to look up who or how that got put together.
I need to change the title of my blog to My Daily Whine........sigh.

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