The squeaking was driving me nuts so I stopped over at my new mechanic's place around the corner and they just called to say I needed new front brakes, now why wasn't I told that when it got inspected not even a week ago?!  I'll not go back to that inspection place again.  So good news I have enough for him to do the brakes today :-)

See that green parrot magnet over to the right ->  Its my first sale on Cafe Press, I made a whopping 38¢.  I also learned something I didn't know, the price of the magnets is less in the Cafe Press 'marketplace',  I thought all sales went through my 'shop'.  I couldn't figure out why I only made 38¢ and it took me searching through several pages to learn about marketplace pricing and shop pricing.....I'm more convinced than ever that I have A D D........I think I'd better go back and read some more.

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