Do you believe this?!.....the car is back in the shop today, damn!.....and I'm out of money til the end of the week.  I was coming home from a job and felt the car idling rougher and rougher, then looked down and saw the check engine light on.  I hope this will finally zero in on whats been bothering her.

Of the eight ACEO paintings I had listed on ebay the Figs and Vase sold but just for its opening bid.....$15
And I've got a little over an hour to go to see if anyone bids on the Eggplant and Mushrooms (there are 3 watchers).... update.....didn't sell :-(
The others I took down for now.  I want to look at them again and make sure that I'm putting my best efforts into the work.  I always second guess myself when I see the work of the amazing Abbey Ryan and what her small paintings sell for.  Her most recent 4"x 6" painting PB&J sold for $701.00 on ebay.  I have to stop looking at her work LOL.
Her work is beautiful and she always sells very well.

I had no luck at ikea as far as finding dining chairs that I thought would work with my table so I'm still looking.  And while still looking I somehow ended up back on ebay with someone selling a set of mid century dining chairs.....a set of six, two arm and four without.
The starting bid 99¢ so what the hell, I bid and so far I'm the only one who has but it wouldn't be the first time someone has beaten me by waiting till the very end and pouncing with a higher bid.  It ends at 6pm so we'll see.  Now you have to picture these reupholstered of course with a bright graphic bold print and the wood either refinished or painted.

So this is an afternoon of waiting.

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