Finally!!  I've got six new paintings up on ebay
and a couple of vintage thrift shop finds as well
This is the first time I've ever seen Salty and Peppy as BBQ utensils (more pics on ebay).

On a different note I think everyone's aware I've been struggling with whether to move out of this area and I'm 95% certain I'm going to stay in the Philadelphia area, there's just no place like it.  Where else can you find a world class Art Museum and high style living right next to street markets and people who farm their front kidding.  This photo was taken on my cell so its void of detail but trust me, these plants/trees are a grapevine, crabapple and apple tree growing right along the sidewalk on a city cool is that.
I drive by here almost everyday just to watch the apples grow.
And I'm continuing to try and get a photo of get this..........someone has a full size pig that every once in a while I see meandering around their (fenced in) front yard right next to there vegetable garden.
And then too I've seen more deer here than I saw living up in the woods of NY.  I saw this while just pulling into the driveway of a clients home.
Yesterday I walked around the corner to a favorite thrift shop and there was a table set up out front with someone who was selling their home grown vegetables.  I couldn't resist!.....fresh corn and check out the size of that zucchini!  Diet or no diet that baby is getting sliced and fried up for dinner tonight!
I just love being around all this nature and lush greenery and having the city too.

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