Great, the car was gone over again and the sensor was replaced and the car is running much better.  There's still a little soft rumbling when she idles but unless I have another stalling situation I'm just going to let it ride.  Right now the car is getting detailed I figured we've had such a frustrating couple of weeks one of us needed some pampering : -)
Next month I start collecting social security, its not much but its enough that I could perhaps add new car payments to my monthly bills.  Since the car's stalling was never for certain determined (could be this, could be that) I no longer feel comfortable driving her and at 22 yrs old (I figure that's about 60 in people years) she's starting to lose parts (don't we all).  The cooler for my power steering started leaking last week and had to be removed it was the original cooler and just plain rusted out.  So as soon as that first check hits my bank account I'll start looking for a new ride.  I've already got a buyer for this mechanic
: -)

No painting today.  I have three on ebay that end today, some watchers but no bids yet and there's five more that end tomorrow, same thing, watchers but no bids yet : -(  If they don't sell I'll relist them and I don't want to put up anymore until most of these sell.
Fingers crossed.  Today I'm going out to ikea to look for two simple modern dining chairs and a simple floor lamp.  I really like these chairs I saw on the Target website but their reviews were more bad than good, apparently they break easily and don't hold much weight.....those legs do look pretty slim.
They're two for $60.  Anyway I'm hoping maybe ikea has something similar.
I'll paint tomorrow : -)  I stopped at the grocery store yesterday and picked up some fresh subjects for some still life paintings.

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