I spent most of this day online looking for more ways to sell my art and came across this site which made the looking a lot easier.....125+ Places Artists Can Sell Online.
While checking out some of her links this one caught my attention, not that my art would work here but its worth a mention, Bucket Feet.....interesting name eh?
Here's another site if your designs would work well on fabric... DENY Designs.

I could probably spend the entire weekend looking through all these sites.  I think I might give
Daily Paint Works a serious look.

And this looks really cool Fotomoto, a print widget you can incorporate into your existing website/blog etc that allows the buyer to choose prints of your work in various sizes and forms, very cool, then Fotomoto takes it from there, printing/shipping etc. LOVE IT!

And are you looking for a rep to help with licensing, try this site, Next Day Art.

Oh for goodness sake I just got engulfed in a live auction site, anyone else ever heard of  It's a first for me, and I hate to admit fun to watch.  Anyway it is another way to sell stuff you've got.....or buy of course :-)
Well this has been too time consuming, you guys go check out some of the links I've listed and the Artsyshark site with the 125+ where to sell your art links....have fun!

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