Today was spent relaxing :-)  A friend and I went thrift shopping this morning and I was able to find three old chairs for my dining table, one at 
for $17

and two others by shear chance at a shop further up the street.
I'm going to try and restore the old cane seats in these two.

I say by chance because we were walking out of the shop not seeing anything I liked when the owner came out and asked what I was looking for.  He instructed us to come to the back of the building via a narrow alley and there they were two charming little chairs circa 1930/40, perfect for what I was looking for.......the pair for $30.
On my way home I stopped at a local thrift shop and found this fabulous bowl for $3.

Got home and made some amazing peanut butter fudge, then indulged and had nachos for supper........good thing it'll soon be time for winter clothing, I can hide my badness ;-)

I'm entertaining yet another option regarding moving or staying put.  I've asked my landlady about a room that is across the hall from my apartment, its just a large single room that she's currently using to store some of her things, I asked her about the possibility of renting it as studio space.  She did tell me that it would be possible, that she had rented it out to other artists in the past.  Now I'm just waiting to hear back from her about how much she would want for it.
I'm still vacillating between staying here (in the Germantown section of Philly) or moving back to the suburb of Narberth.......the quaint little town that I adore (but that is oh so expensive).

Tomorrow I start my sketches for the Florida restaurant job and I'll post photos as I go along.

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