I feel like I'm channeling someones grandmother lately.....I scored these Guardian Service pieces at the local Salvation Army Thrift Shop in the last couple of days, two triangle pots (one never used) and a griddle. 
Then today I spent the afternoon chopping, blanching and freezing vegetables.......I never do that lol.....maybe its cause I'm growing out my gray 
Seriously though I'm just tire of the increasingly higher prices at the grocery store and being a single person.......wasting food.  I try to buy fresh food to eat healthier but I swear I throw more of it away than I eat because it goes bad so quickly so I'm trying a new tactic...buying fresh and freezing it. Maybe I should learn more about preserving too.  I needed to go to the Dollar Tree store today to pick up some photo mailers (2 for $1) for my ACEO cards and I always walk the isles to look for other
bargains and spotted four boxes of mac and cheese for $1!  Ok....I know its not the healthiest but I won't eat it every day and you just can't beat 25¢ a box!  Leaving there I passed a produce market and saw Jersey tomatoes $3 for 3lbs, compared to Super Market prices ($2.99 a lb) that's a good price and its the first time I've seen Jersey tomatoes sold anywhere in my area.....I may have to go back for some.

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