Remember my $90 sofa bed find?
And how perfectly an Ikea basic sofa bed slipcover fit?

Well I finally had the money to order a new mattress for it today.  Here's a shopping tip....the least expensive sofa bed mattress I could find after looking at several websites was one at Sleepy's, a memory foam one for $235, more than I was hoping to spend but I resigned myself to having to save a bit longer so I could purchase it.  Fortunately I decided to check Amazon and what do you know, there it was, the exact same mattress being sold by several others for way less and I was able to order one for $119 with free shipping.  I can't wait to get it and finally get a good nights sleep.

I dropped the car off at the mechanics today to get the rear brakes replaced this time (did the front ones a couple weeks ago) and when I went to pick it up I noticed a building two doors down with a few pieces of furniture out on the sidewalk.  I peeked in the door, my jaw dropped and I giggled out loud.  Totally unassuming on the outside but inside.......a three story warehouse filled to the brim with antiques and collectibles.  This is only half the width of the room.......
I only had my cell phone camera but I wasn't leaving without pictures.....most are blurry (sorry), I think I was shaking with excitement......I couldn't wait to go exploring!

Check out these chairs!
One of the employees told me he thinks they came out of an old Girard Bank years ago.
The owner told me this chandelier was from the 60's which surprised me, the thing just sparkled brilliantly in person....$275

For you locals its on Queen Lane between Greene St and Germantown Ave next to Master Tech mechanics.....I asked the name but I've forgotten it.....I don't think there's a sign on it anyway.
The place is only open on Saturdays or by appointment and I can't wait to go back, there was just way too much to see in one visit.  I know where I'm doing my Christmas shopping this year.

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