3 degrees outside today so another day off from car refuses to start. This also means a delay on mailing my commissioned 24x36" pear painting.
So it looks like I will get some more painting done today and as the weather will be the same tomorrow I will most likely still be painting.
I've got a bunch up on ebay right now these and a couple of others, they're all ACEO's.
My latest addition is a bit of a departure for me and I'd like to do more like this.....
I was using one of Leonardo da Vinci's paintings as a model, Madonna Litta.

I'm still doing my evening 'indoor' walking workouts trying to lose some of this weight I've put on.  My lose at least 20lbs.  And if you think indoor walking workouts aren't effective, I used them last year around this same time and lost more than 25 lbs in about 10 weeks.  Here's one of my favorites right now, its a 3 mile walk and mile 2 really works up a sweat.  I've bought a few of her dvd's but I was glad to find these on Youtube so I can see them before I buy them.....I wasn't happy with a couple of the ones I bought so now I can preview on Youtube and buy the ones I like, who knows how long these will be up for viewing free, you'd think there'd be some copyright issues yes?

I finally got my Affordable Care Blue Cross card and I'm so excited to be able to afford doctor visits. I chose a family practice not too far from me and have my first appointment in early February.

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