I went online to hunt for some picture frames like some that I had bought at a thrift shop, just a simple black plastic frame with glass that pops in and out of the front. I matted and framed an ACEO painting I bought on ebay and really like the way it looked.
I did an image search hoping to spot it quickly and I did!  It took me to a website that just sold frames and I thought that would make the price pretty reasonable, the minimum you could buy was 12 @ $3 a piece. 
 I decided to continue searching to see if there wasn't a better price out there and low and behold.......Walmart wins again!  They sell a dozen of the same type frame for $10!
I'm getting them to create a gallery wall of ACEO's that I've bought from other artists, but I'm also thinking about selling my ACEO's framed.  You can't beat the price and I think it would add more value to my ACEO's, getting me a bit more for them on ebay.

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