With all this foul weather encouraging home bound activities I've gotten some more
ACEO (2.5"x 3.5") paintings done for ebay.
The one with the laundry blowing in the wind is a version taken from a mural I had done several years ago on canvas and still have today.
I was testing myself as to whether I could paint it that small and I think it came out pretty good, minus some of the detail.

After spending unnecessary money and missing a lot of work I finally resolved one of my issues with my aging (23yr old) needed a new battery.  I had it jumped for a second time and drove it directly to Advanced Auto where they tested it and replaced it for me.  Now this Wednesday (knock wood) I will drop her off at a mechanic close to one of my jobs and he will try to find out why she continues to shut off every now and then,  its a problem I REALLY want resolved.  I'm thinking idle control valve, but we'll see.

Did everyone else out there know you can make your own flavored coffee creamer except me? I'm addicted to french vanilla coffee creamer and my local grocer only carries the most popular/expensive brand which I refuse to pay/purchase.  Seemed to me it'd be pretty easy to make so I searched online and sure enough I landed on a site that has the recipes for tons of flavors.......I'm all about getting what I want and saving a few bucks while I'm at it.

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