Let me just say........I'M SO OVER WINTER!!...... and there's more snow predicted for this coming week...sigh.  I'm already having to pay this months rent in installments because of the work I missed from the snow we've had the last few weeks and frigid temperatures playing havoc with my car's ability to start in the morning.  Not only did I loose income but I also had to put out for a new battery.
Some don't seem to mind the weather though, this neighborhood hawk spent the night in the tree outside my was 12 degrees with minus 0 wind chills.  This picture is just before he/she left in the morning.
As you can see in the side bars I got some paintings done today for ebay and will most likely do the same tomorrow.
I want to share with you where I got 75 5"x7" ACEO matte kits (matte, backing, clear bag) for $10 plus $8 and change for shipping.  Of course there are other offerings/sizes you can find HERE too.
I have to say too that they arrived quickly and so carefully packaged.

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