No painting today.  I spent the morning making another free website on Weebly just for my ACEO paintings .  You can get to my eBay auctions from it and also buy prints. I started to add a 'store' page on the site but after I had posted 5 products I was informed I had to upgrade and pay if I wanted to add more so I removed it for now and just ask people to contact me if they want to purchase a print.  I'll upgrade the site to add the store once I get some work under my belt, the bank account is pretty low right now with all the missed work from the snow.

I've been wanting to turn some of my ACEO images into small note cards to sell but hadn't been able to find a small size that I thought would be small enough ..... imperfections start to show if the image is enlarged too much.  I think I finally found some that might work and also not break the bank at
this site.  Just some simple matte finish white cards that measure 3 1/2 x 4 7/8 and they're $9.37 for a box of 50!
And a box of 50 envelopes is $10.93.....perfect.  I think $20 for 50 cards/envelopes beats $1+ a piece printers charge, and I'm sure I won't be using $30 worth of ink.
Now all I would need is the confidence to print them myself.  This will be my project for this week.

Ut-O..........looks like I'd better keep looking!   I just found 50 cards for $4.50 HERE
And a box of 250 HERE for $17.97

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