Well, after some careful thought and number crunching I've come to accept the fact that I can't afford to move back to Florida, not unless I could earn as much painting as I do cleaning and it doesn't look like that'll ever happen. I couldn't afford to take my things with me and to get there with no job prospects would be pretty foolish.  So the new plan is to try and move back to Narberth, the little town I was living (and happy) in before I moved to the Germantown area.  I've talked about Narberth before, the perfect little town with everything you could possibly need within a four block, pharmacy, bank, hardware, train station, movie theater, restaurants, bars, laundry, coffee shop, specialty shops, etc etc.  And now that I'm collecting social security I'll be better able to afford the pricey rents (the reason I left there)......ha :-) at least that's the current plan but if you follow this blog you know that could change on a dime ......damn ADHD.

Meanwhile there are two new paintings on ebay.

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