Wow, I wonder what else I've missed!  How bloody convenient, I just saw these.
I love doing smaller hanging 'murals' and I adore painting screens.....

ready made canvas screens, who knew!   It use to be such a hassle looking for old screens to redo or buying those hollow core bifold doors to paint.  Its about time someone thought to do this.

Speaking of hanging murals, I've decide to try and get back in the game.  I just spent all day on building a quick and simple website for children's canvas murals, I'm sure I'll go back and make changes, I always do ;-) but I wanted to get it up quickly, and quickly means some tidying up will be needed.....maybe even a facelift (template change), I really want a more sophisticated look.  I'm only charging $15 a square foot plus the cost of the canvas and shipping. I'd be thrilled if I could just do a few of these a month and give up the cleaning jobs. Its getting harder and harder to go out and clean up after other people, its not how I want to spend my time.  So with crossed fingers......

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