I can not believe this!  They are predicting another 6-12 inches of snow starting tomorrow and guess what that means........possibly another two days of missed work.  I've been struggling to figure out how to move into a larger apartment since I can't afford to move back to Florida and now its beginning to look like I can't even afford to move to just another part of town!  This is just frigging ridiculous.

On a brighter note the landscape painting in the previous post sold for $20.49, I finally broke through the $8.50 starting bid :-) that everythings been selling at.
I have been painting all day and will probably spend the next few days doing the same.  I did another small (ACEO) mini landscape.  I hope those look like cows to everyone, painting cows that small was tricky.

I look up old landscape paintings online and borrow bits and pieces from them and compose my own scene.  The bits of money I make from these is becoming more and more important.....right now I've got about $40 in the bank and with missing more work this coming week its going to be rough.  But the rents paid and there's plenty of brown rice and dried beans in the cupboard :-).  And I should say out loud how happy I am that I started collecting social security early because if I hadn't I'd be in deep(er) trouble having missed so much work these past several weeks.......I am grateful.

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