I finally got a weekend to spend on and finish up the first of three porthole paintings (unless I hear otherwise from the client), they'll all measure 34" in diameter and will be framed on site.
They'll all hang on a wall that will go up a staircase so painting number two will hang higher and not have an ocean floor and it will feature a large sea turtle and some fish.  The third one will be even higher (closer to the surface/top of stairs) and will feature dolphin.  I'll start number two tomorrow.

I was suppose to visit a car dealership tomorrow after work but canceled it (lack of funds).  Have I mentioned the bit of floor hanging underneath my car?  Well, now I have to be especially careful because I could see light through the carpet last time I drove it.....a little scarey.  I'm once again stuck between a rock and a hard place......the car is not in good enough condition to cover a down payment as a trade-in and its so old (23 yrs old!) do I really want to spend the money to fix it?  My only immediate hope would be getting some of my deposit money back from my previous landlord, but she wasn't very clear on whether that was going to happen (because I left the lease early).  There was a new tenant to replace me but she can still withhold it according to the lease........never sign a 12 page lease!

Other than that things are good.  I'm so happy to be back in Narberth!

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