Well I'm in!  The move went very quickly, a total of two hours....these guys were good!  Of course it helped that everything was packed and ready to go out the door.
If I thought I had accumulated a lot of stuff before its even more obvious now......where to put everything?!
I've managed to set up a comfortable area but trust me, every other spot out of view is a mess.
The kitchen has a total of 3 upper cabinets so I haven't bothered to grocery shop yet....there's no where to put everything!  So I went thrift shopping yesterday after work to try and find some useful storage pieces, and lucky me found a nice, very traditional style, apartment size hutch cabinet for $95 that will fit nicely in the kitchen, it'll be here Friday.
Work this morning is delayed an hour or so, which is welcomed.  Between doing my 'regular' jobs and cleaning the apartment I left, my poor hands are so red and sensitive from over exposure to cleaning products (my bad for not wearing gloves).
I could so use some time off but I need to get this place settled and in order and keep my work schedule in this nice little town has its price.....high rents. 
And I've got the restaurant paintings to get back to, they need to be delivered by the end of the month.

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