Finally finished porthole painting #3 and got them all mailed this afternoon.  The client did end up wanting more color so I added the coral and clown fish.
I had a short work day today so I came home and checked out some painting tutorials on youtube and came across this video, painting a silver cup.  I won't post the video here, its about an hour and a half long so you may want to go to youtube to watch it......
I've been wanting to join the Bright Light Fine Art website to access David Leffel instruction videos but $50 isn't in my budget right now so I've been watching little short clips of his on youtube, that's how I came upon this other artists videos.

And while I was visiting youtube I came across a tutorial on how to get TV channels without paying for cable.  I was really pissed when Comcast started scrambling their signals so you had to get a decoder after I had recently bought a TV with a built in tuner, I really felt like a hostage.  I only pay for basic cable anyway so I thought it'd be fun to try and see if this works, and to my surprise IT DOES!  There are two videos, part one is just making the cable but I already had several spare cables so I didn't need to make one,  I just cut one of the ends (connector) off to use as the 'antenna'. 

I didn't even add the additional copper wire that this person in the video uses.  I just used the existing wire inside the cable.
I attached the cable to the TV and I just put this end in my window and look at the picture....crystal clear, and 31 channels.  Remember to change your 'antenna' settings on the TV if you try this and it helps to live within the stations signal range, I'm in Philly so no problem getting reception.
I'm finally getting my car's floor pan fixed this week.  I found a welder who is only charging $203.04 Philadelphia Welding Co.  I was running out of time to get this done, its time for inspection/registration, and I surely wasn't going to pass inspection with the floor hanging down.  I'm so glad I didn't commit to the expense of buying a new car.
This weekend I will get back to doing my ebay paintings :-)

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