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Have I mentioned I may be losing two of my cleaning clients?  How ironic......I moved here to be close to my work and now two may be leaving.  In preparation I'm making a few changes to try and save some money.  I'm changing my car insurance from State Farm where I'm paying $71.51 a month to Nationwide where it will be $35.50 a month, a nice savings.  My contract is finally up with AT&T so I'm dropping them, another $70 and change a month and switching to Consumer Cellular for $20 a month......I hardly ever talk on the phone.  Still debating what to do with regards to cable service.  Making these changes has really shown me how stuck I've been in my comfort zone and that makes me very uncomfortable.  We seem to get this weird sense of loyalty to these companies even when we don't benefit........very strange.   Anyway I'm hoping making these small changes and getting more focused on my artwork will keep me from having to fill the void these departing clients will be leaving with new clients........wouldn't that be nice :-)

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