Well, its official I will be losing two clients soon, one at the end of August and another three weeks later.  I'm happy for them both but especially for the young family with the stay-at-home artist dad.  They sold their current home in less than 24 hrs and had their offer accepted on a home they wanted the very same day, how cool is that?!.....and their new place sounds just perfect for them, complete with a studio over the garage!
I got my phone switched over to Consumer Cellular and here's a surprise, I just used my mobile banking and it was so much faster than AT&T.  My car insurance has also been switched and I've decided to keep the basic cable and not use an antenna, I tried it out and the picture just kept breaking up ........ funny that didn't happen on my smaller set, the reception was really good, oh well its only $10 a month for the basic cable and there's always Hulu and other online options for other shows etc., my mac mini is hooked up to my big tv.

I plan to paint all weekend, five of the six ACEO paintings I posted on ebay have sold so I'd like to get some more up.

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