Well I got little accomplished in the last few days, it was one of those times where the painting just wasn't flowing easily so it was put aside.
I got an unexpected day free today and I've been surfing the web looking for inspiration.  You know that I added some of my ACEO work to button magnets and I was wondering if I could do some in a circular format so I started searching for an easy online photo editor where I could crop images into a circle shape without having to deal with photoshop or similar perplexing applications.  I came across this site,, where you can crop into several different shapes including a circle,
 but they also have some other fun effects to play with.
Remember this painting I did for the Florida decorator opening a restaurant?
I was able to with one click turn it into this......
What fun!  And I could easily do this, which I'll add to my sidebar as a link......
They even have a fake newspaper generator........I'm thinking I've seen some of these effects put to use elsewhere, wish I had discovered it sooner....share people, share!
Anyway, I'm going to go play with some images now :-)

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