Here's a fun way to share your art with friends, I saw this on one of my favorite blogs and decided to check it out.  What I love about this site is you can truly customize your cards. I created a set of playing cards using my ACEO work for a 'match' game for my grandkids. Its the only site I've seen where you can put different images on each card, choice of size, add text, purchase (and customize) a box for them.  Check it out.
 Always trying to find ways to increase income, I could not resist purchasing this thrift shop find for resale.  I can just picture this old ceiling light fixture hanging in the foyer of an old row home.  I purchased it for $25 and sold it for $95 to someone in Missouri.

Here are some ACEO's that I did before the holidays while I was taking a blog break, happy to say they all sold.

I'm also very happy to say that the paintings in the previous post all have bids on happy :-)