I think if I hadn't chosen to be an artist and had had more insight plus a stronger ability to focus at a younger age I would have chosen to be an interior designer of small spaces.  I spent my entire day yesterday trying to work out how to fit a 'real' bed into my small studio apartment without it becoming the focus of the room, because (not) getting a good nights sleep has become an issue lately.  I love my little apartment, I don't love pulling out (or sleeping on) a sofa bed every night.  So I pulled out pictures I used for inspiration when I first moved in here......

and after hours of mentally rearranging furniture in my head and measuring more than twice, a plan was formed.  This led to more hours online trying to find the best deals (translation: cheapest) in new bedding.  Once again, Amazon and Walmart won, Amazon for the bed frame and mattress and Walmart for the linens.  Ninety eight percent of what I own has come from thrift shops but when it comes to bedding I draw the line.
I have to say I've never thought of myself as a girly girl but she must be in me somewhere because I (surprisingly and can't believe it) fell in love with this look I saw on Walmart....
And can you stand it?......the bedspread, skirt, shams, and small pillows all for $74!  Its not exactly a subtle or inconspicuous don't look at me look though is it.  Maybe more thought is needed.

So......back to painting.  The orange painting listed in a previous post will sell today and the peanut butter and jelly painting along with a cherry painting I neglected to post before have sold.
So today will be spent getting some more work up on ebay.  If I want that good nights sleep I have to be able to pay for it :-)

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