Some new listings for ebay.  I was contacted by someone requesting I do another peanut butter and jelly sandwich painting because she missed bidding on the last one posted.

I sat here this morning staring at this screen until my coffee got cold, trying to decide what and how much to say.  The past year while starting out brilliantly seems to be ending on a downward slide. If you follow this blog you know that when necessary I clean homes to make ends meet so that I can have some control over the time I have to devote to painting.  That was working out fine until I lost three days a week of work over the last couple of months. Two I could still handle things, but three has put me back in the welfare system for help, food stamps and health care.  Grateful for the help?......yes, depressing?.......totally.  Do I want to go out and find more cleaning work?......that would be a definite and resounding NO.  At 63 with achy bones and 63 yr old vision, not to mention the total repulsion at the thought of cleaning one more families toilets, I've no desire to find more cleaning work, and luckily at this age I'm not required to apply for work by the welfare system.  That said, this is not a situation that I want to be in, and how I will change this is (for now) a mystery.  Maybe I should look for a job digging holes, I seem to be very skilled at that.  Stay tuned.

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