I'm so happy!....all my small paintings have sold, time to get back to producing.

I spent allllllllll day online looking for a more affordable apartment.  My rent here is going up beginning in May and with the loss of some of my 'outside' jobs on top of that, its getting harder to justify staying here.  I have the rest of this week to decide for sure if I'm going to leave, I need to give 60 days notice.  I hate when that's required, it leaves finding a new place so hard, not to mention scarey.  What you see available now isn't what you're going to find two months from now.  I don't have a particular location in mind, its all about the money this time.  I looked at so many places....sigh.  Pottstown, PA looks affordable, its about 45 mins. to an hour west of here.  But then again I saw some apartments that may be affordable (conflicting reports online about price) that are still here in Philly.  I have always loved these buildings and someone has finally renovated a few of them, they were so run down as was the neighborhood.
Some sites say they start at $900 and another site (senior housing site) says they start at $600.  Right across the street from these is Fairmount Park....what a view!  I've inquired about these and a couple of other places.  I'd love to get this settled in my mind asap.

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