I'm so honored to have one of my ACEO paintings chosen to be the header image on a facebook ACEO group page that I recently joined.  I gather that they change them out every couple of weeks, I'm really flattered.
I was doing some more apartment hunting again today, and not 'feeling it' for any local areas I decided to take another look at So Florida where I lived for many years.  I came across one senior community in West Palm Beach that I thought looked pretty nice and wrote to them.

Not too shabby eh?  I got a response right away and chatted back and forth via email with a really lovely person, she was so helpful and friendly. There's no promise of a vacancy that would work with my needing to give my 60 day notice at the end of this week, but my goodness she was certainly pulling for me. I find out at the end of the week or early next week if there will be a vacancy, they also require 60 day notifications from their residents.  I can't imagine anyone wanting to leave but.....fingers crossed.

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