Just another day in the life of me

Well things just keep getting better.............NOT!    How could I have had things set up so perfectly just a few short months ago......back in my favorite apartment, 5 days a week of work all close to home.......and now?........down to two days of work a week and my car breaks down.
Yesterdays wind chill was near zero, I went out to my car and surprisingly (remember its a 1991 no frills car) it started right up but.......nothing would work, radio, heater, wipers etc all would not work.  And without the heater it was harder to chip the ice off the inside (yes inside!) of the windshield. I kept the car running for a long time to see if it was just a freezing event.   I gave up about twenty minutes later, called my job (offered to pick me up), turn off the car but then turned it on again right away to see what would happen and boom!! everything came on in a flash!  But what's that funny smell? smelled like something was burning but only for a few seconds.
I called my job back and said I was on my way.  I got there fine but now I couldn't get the key out of the ignition?  Went in the house did my work, went to leave and the car would not go.  The engine turned on but then would shut right down.  Had to call a tow truck ($80, my days wages and bill money), left the car with my mechanic and walked home in below freezing weather.  The mechanic called and said the ignition is broken and it'll be $550 to fix.  He did offered to rig it (cheaply) so I could use it cause I told him I was thinking about getting a newer car.  I spent the rest of yesterday afternoon and evening looking at cars online and contacted two dealers.  Daydreaming my life away.
This morning I woke up and knew I could not afford to buy a car.  I would of had to use a credit card for a down payment (then have to pay that off) along with monthly car payments and higher insurance rates.  There's no way on $200 a week I could afford to do that and pay my rent and bills too.......I'm so sad this morning :-(  I'm going to have to get the car fixed for real ($550) so I know its safe and now I'm going to have that credit card bill haunting me.  It'll be the first time I can't pay it off when its due, I'll have to make minimum payments which means I'll be charged interest (at 22+%).  Oiy vay !! 
Why is that the people who can afford it the least are always charged the most????  What kind of stupid sense does that make.  People with a good credit number can buy a car with little or 0 down with really low monthly payments........a person with limited income...NO.....the very people who need those kinds of deals?.......NO!!  You can go to a 'buy it here/pay for it here' place and buy a car for twice the monthly payment amount and of course the car cost more than at a regular dealer.  Its just like when you have a monthly utility bill and you can't pay it on time you get charged a late fee. If you're struggling already why are you being punished with additional burden??  How many people do you really think don't pay their bills on time on purpose?!  Ahhhhhh......and then there's the dollar stores......low prices?..sort of, but are they really?  Cheaply made, poor quality products that break and will need replacing, or food products sold in smaller quantities than normal or in smaller than normal packaging/containers. And grocery stores that claim to save you money then charge you to use a grocery cart and pay for the plastic bags to put your stuff in......guess you could just pull your car up to the cart that's now trapped behind the poles that prevent you from taking the cart into the parking lot and throw your loose groceries into your trunk and deal with it when you get home.  It was my first experience having to do that so of course now I know to take my own bags and use a basket instead of a cart (or not shop there anymore). The world just makes being economically challenged so attractive doesn't it?  The hole just gets deeper and deeper.  It just seems so unfair.
And me with no beer in the house ugh :-(

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