OK......first, yes I know I'm crazy, but I kind of consider this a victory over my usual 'cut and run' response to challenges......I'm not going to be moving, not anytime soon anyway.  Since making that decision to move I've felt uneasy, there wasn't that sense of peace you get when you do the right thing.  I spent a lot of time getting things set up here to make life as smooth as possible, and to leave with nothing only to start all over just doesn't make sense. The loss of work threw me into a state of panic and that is not a place where good decisions are made.  My effort will be put into replacing that lost income, and I trust that will be a lot easier (and more sensible ;-) than throwing everything away and starting over from scratch.
These three paintings sold :-)


  1. That makes great sense to me. We should all listen to our guts more! -Dee