Long time....

Its been a while since I've posted here, I confess I just haven't been feeling inspired lately.....winter blues perhaps, not sure.  I've been thinking about (and missing a lot) my old shop/studio in Florida. Its been a couple of years since I move to Philly and left that behind so I'm not sure why its on my mind now.  I'm bored I think, and painting seems to be falling further and further to the wayside as my focus has to be on keeping up with the bills. Doing work that guarantees an income has to take precedence.......a familiar circumstance to most artists.
I have to turn this around!
I decided step one was to think about when I was the happiest and see if that could give me some direction......two things came to mind.  One, as mention, was when I had the shop/studio......lots of social interaction, tons of room to work on projects, great resources to find furniture to redo and treasures to resell, space to hold classes.....perfect.......til it all came to an end.
The second happiest time was after the move to Philly and doing lots of mural work for The Hospital of The University of Pennsylvania, so so happy.  Again.....lots of social interaction, putting smiles on kids faces, and tons of room to work, those are looooong hallways.

Well, I can't replicate what I had in Florida (for financial reasons) and mural work has eluded me for the last two/three years, so what to do.
If you follow this blog you know that when mural work stopped coming I turned to painting smaller......way smaller!  If you're new to this blog see what I mean here:
But three hundred plus small paintings later....I'm bored.  I'm wanting to paint large again. one has asked me to do any mural work, and to be perfectly honest? would take a lot of money plus an assistant to get me to do any mural work these days, age takes its toll.
So......what to do.
I just ordered this......
For two reasons, no make that three, I can paint large......two, I live in a studio apartment and can use a screen.......and three, I can try to sell it/them for a lot more than I get for the small aceo paintings.....a LOT more.  I got it from  and they offer a bunch of different sizes and free shipping.  Let me share some images that inspired me....

 Years ago I use to build my own cloth panel screens from scratch......

And did some painted ones every now and then.....
We'll see what happens :-)

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  1. Good luck, can't wait to see how your screen comes out!