Things Slowly Coming Together

I've gotten 16 images printed so far for the card collection and I haven't been disappointed with one yet, I'm so happy with how the prints have turned out.
Now I'm focusing on photographing all the cards to display/sell on Etsy (and other places).  I decided on using a desktop as the setting for the cards/photos.  I want a traditional and hopefully classy feel to the photos, so I went hunting on ebay for some props.  I found a vintage desk set from Germany and scooped it up for about $30 and change.
So with that and utilizing things I already had, I set the I lie, I got the pen and ink at Michaels. I love that the glass cup for the ink was still with the set.
Now comes taking all the photos necessary for a good presentation and then getting all the listings up, this is the tedious and time consuming part and will take a few days.

As the card collection grows my space is getting taken over by supplies, I've got to get better organized, to help a little I decided to look for a card rack.  I like being able to see all the cards neatly packaged and displayed, it inspires me to keep going. 

I also want to be prepared in case I decide to do a craft fair in the future and a display rack would be a must have.
I started looking on ebay and then moved on to Amazon, found something I felt would work without breaking the bank and ordered it. 

For some reason I went back to a google search right after ordering and saw the same product being sold by the manufacturer, clicked on it and it was almost $20 less!  I got back to Amazon in time to cancel the order. I have to stop assuming Amazon is always cheaper.....its not.
So.......hopefully I will have a link to share of my etsy shop in about a week or so.
Oh.....and the ACEO birds listed below sold :-)

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