Artist You Should Meet

I think I'll try to do this on a regular basis......introduce you to talented artists.
So.........please meet Brenda Brunderman.
I won't say much here, I'll let her work speak for her talent. Her three dimensional tile work is simply beautiful.

Here is one with a heron as the subject. Can you tell Brenda is a Florida gal :-)
A work in progress
And just so you know, her talents don't end there. Brenda has created a unique product that every faux finishers needs in their arsenal of tools. I dare you to find an easier way to make dimensional faux stone work.
And these are the handy little tools that make it possible. They're called BrickBratz©. Wait til you see how fast you fly through that next faux stone project!
Contact Brenda through her website for more information on how you can have her beautiful tile work in your home or business, or how you can learn more about (or purchase) BrickBratz©.

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