OK.......didn't get all done that I was hoping for, but made a lot of progress and will be able to finish up next Saturday. We have just begun working on the shadowing and it is incomplete as you see it here.
We did a bit of trompe l'oeil on the end posts by creating a raised panel, and while doing that I had to take a break to show the student who I think is the master of this technique, Brita and Marlow DeMars who are located in Lebanon, Connecticut.....check out their website, I promise you'll be amazed. I don't think they'll mind if I post a picture of their work. Feast your eyes:
A snap of the student working on the balusters. I can't believe this girl has never done this before.....isn't she doing a great job!
Back next Saturday to finish up.
Hospital mural starts tomorrow :-)

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