New Student Started Today

Had a new student start today, one who has some painting background so I expect that she will do very well. And here she is getting under way.
By the end of the day, she'd gotten in almost all the background noise and started work on a small waterfall. You can see where some of the foreground trees will be going, and there will also be a tile patio and railing/balusters.........she's ambitious for a relative newbie :-) Ya gotta admire that.
In preparation for todays class, I stopped at Michaels yesterday to pick up some paint and fresh brushes and was wowed by the colorful autumn faux foliage that is on display already.
Just my personal opinion of course.......most of you know I use latex wall paint and inexpensive craft paint in my work, and as Michaels was out of some of the colors in the brand I usually buy, I ended up getting Plaids 'Craft Smart'.............hate it, hate it, hate it......thee worst paint I've ever worked with. Did I say I hate it?!
Student will be back tomorrow, look for new pictures.

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